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fandoms_collide's Journal

When Fandoms Collide
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We’ve heard it said again and again by our fellow fangirls that nothing warms the heart more than seeing our favourite celebs hanging out together in situations outside of work. Thus we’ve created a community to post these pictures and revel in their inherent coolness.

What is a Fandom Collision?
This is when two or more celebrities who we would not usually associate with each other are photographed together. If they are currently costars in a TV series or movie, it does not count. However, if they happened to both star in some long forgotten 1991 film then that is fine! Hollywood is so incestuous it's hard to avoid such coincidences. If you're unsure about a picture you've found, just ask here! :)

Modsquad: t_i_n_u_v_i_e_l & saint_moro



1. Celebs featured must belong to recognized fandoms. In other words; No Paris Hilton or any of her celebutante klingons.

2. Lindsay ‘lilo’ Lohan is allowed as long as she is looking decent and featured with someone so fabulous we are temporarily blinded by the glory.

3. No Paris Hilton! ;)

4. No Fanfiction, fanvideos, icons or graphics. Pictures only please with the exception of videos depicting fandom collisions, such as red carpet footage or interviews where celebrities meet/mention other celebs.

5. Please tag entries with full name of all celebrities pictured.

6. Please write the name of the celebs as the subject of your post. :)

7. High Resolution images are love! Please put large images behind a cut, and preferably thumbnailed in order to spare those on dialup connections. More than one image is allowed per post, especially if they are themed. However no giant picspams please.

8. Give credit where credit is due.

9. Musicians, artists, authors and Broadway Babies are welcomed with open arms.

10. When posting for the first time, please include the phrase ‘dancing space potatoes’ in your subject heading to show you have read the rules. This way we can spot the newbies and crash-tackle you with hugs & high fives to thank you for joining our little corner of eljay. ^_^ Example post